Shebby Liquete

Shebby is the first Board Certified Micropigmentation Artist in the Philippines accredited by the American Association of Micropigmentation and has proudly become a certified Master Trainer of Beauty Angels Academy in less than a year after joining Beauty Angels Academy Online Course.

As a product of online learning herself, she brings real life testimony and strategies to become a successful PMU artist and beauty business owner even during this thriving new world of the pandemic.

She provides hands-on microblading trainings for new students and existing artists. Her knowledge in business marketing, social media management, and producing natural-looking cosmetic tattoos and microblading sets her apart from other local trainers.

Why Choose

Brow Designery

Brow Designery offers high-quality and NATURAL LOOKING semi-permanent cosmetic micro-pigmentation services. We use up-to-date micro-pigmentation techniques, top-quality products and hold to the highest standards of hygiene and safety for our clients.

It is highly recommended to select an artist who has attended a respected certification in which the practitioner learns the methods that consistently produce great results.

Brow Designery officially launched in July of 2019 and is already experiencing rapid growth with over 580+ clients and 5-star satisfaction rates.

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