PHP 21,999.00


Includes: 1 initial session of Brow Microblading and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

This technique is achieved with a manual blade to create hair-like strokes. It blends with your existing brow hair and is most compatible with normal to dry skin.

Can be applied on oily skin, but may have a shorter pigment retention rate and strokes may not heal as crisps. Last up to 18 months depending on the skin type and lifestyle.

PHP 24,999.00

Airy Nano Machine Hairstrokes

Includes: 1 session of Initial Treatment only
Complimentary aftercare kit

Airy Nano Machine Hairstrokes offer more natural-looking and longer-lasting results. Using a specialized machine and a smaller cartridge needle, it creates thin, hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly with the natural brow hair. Healed results look soft and airy. Suitable for almost ALL skin types, even oily skin.

PHP 21,999.00

Man Brows

Includes: 1 initial session of Man Brows and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

Semi-permanent brows technique for Men. Creates a natural volume and realistic Hair-like Strokes with Soft Microshading.

Male brow patterns and brow mapping is different from a feminine brow pattern. This technique blends seamlessly with the existing brow hair and is most compatible for Male clients who want to add dimension and natural-looking fullness to their brows.

PHP 23,999.00

Signature Combo Brows

Includes: 1 initial session of Signature Combo Brows and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

Our most popular technique. Combination of Microblading hair strokes with Soft Microshading to create fullness in the tail and lower brow to create more depth. Gives the illusion of hair strands over half-filled brows, resulting in a very polished look.

Recommended for clients who have sparse or less brow. Compatible for ALL skin types.

PHP 23,999.00

Powder Combo Brows

Includes: 1 initial session of Powder Combo Brows and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

The perfect mix between Microblading and Powder Brows. This technique is a combination of Microblading hair strokes with Machine Shading.

Creates a polished semi-makeup look but still looks soft and natural. Begins with a hair stroke but blends into a powdery defined tail. Compatible with Oily, Matured, and /or Textured skin.

PHP 21,999.00

Powdery Ombre Brows

Includes: 1 Initial Session of Powdery Ombre Brows and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

A semi-permanent make-up treatment that uses a digital tattoo machine to insert tiny dots of pigment into the skin.

It creates a more shaded effect, rather than the crisp hair strokes often associated with microblading. The result is a more defined, fuller brow, similar to the look you can achieve using cosmetic eyebrow powders or pencils.

It works great on oily skin types and for those wanting a soft powdery brow look.

PHP 7,999.00 per session

Saline Tattoo Removal

Includes: 1 initial session of Saline Tattoo Removal and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

A removal treatment used to fade or remove permanent makeup (PMU) tattoos. It involves the process of tattooing a saline solution into the skin to help lift and draw out the pigment from the tattooed area. This technique is generally considered safer and less invasive than traditional laser tattoo removal methods..

Note: Saline Tattoo Removal treatments may not completely remove the PMU tattoo in some cases. Multiple sessions are usually required to achieve the desired results, and they are typically scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on various factors, including the depth of the original tattoo, the type of pigments used, and the individual’s skin type.

PHP 19,999.00

Lip Blush

Includes: 1 initial session of Lip Blush and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

A special painless semi-permanent Lip Color enhancement procedure that safely implants ink on the lips and enhances its color and shape. It’s an effective way to cover up dark pigmented or pale lips.

Can last up to 6 to 18 months depending on skin type, post-op care, and lifestyle.

PHP 19,999.00

Velvet Liner

Includes: 1 initial session of Velvet Liner and Complimentary Aftercare Kit

A painless semi-permanent makeup that safely implants ink into your lash line to make your lashes look fuller and enhance eyes to look brighter and more awake.

Can last up 6 to 18 months depending on the skin type, post-op care and lifestyle.

PHP 2,499.00

Designer Lash Lift

* 1 session of Designer Lash Lift
* Complimentary Aftercare Kit

Designer Lash Lifts is an innovative way to perm your natural eyelashes with a dramatic gorgeous curl that lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

Take advantage of our lash lift treatment. Our lash expert can transform sparse, flat lashes. Specially designed to add depth and length to your natural lashes without the application of mascara.